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The Star Wars CCG Trading Empire

So what is Star Wars CCG Trading Empire

It is a group of people tring to make it more safe for people to trade Star Wars CCG Cards over the Web. The Higher you are on SWCCGTE the safer and more trustwarthy of a good trade you are.

The Ranks

Rank 1:Stormtrooper:
Entry level position all you have to do is join.
Rank 2:TIE Fighter pilot:
2 Points needed to advence to this position.
Rank 3:Lieutenant:
5 Points needed for this one. From this Point you only get points from trades with people from hear, STARS & JUST.
Rank 4:Captain:
10 point for this
Rank 5:Commander:
20 point needed for this and your doing good
Rank 6:Major:
35 points needed keep going
Rank 7:Colonel:
40 points needed, when you get this all points you earn are now are cut in half
Rank 8:General:
10 points needed
Rank 9:Admiral:
20 points needed when you get hear all point are back to normal
Rank 10:Priority Sector High Commander:
55 points make it hear and you are unstopable
Rank 11:Governor:
75 points,wow
Rank 12:Moff:
105 points needed
Rank 13:Grand Moff:
You can only get this if the Emperor gets a submission from a Royal Gruard for you to get this
Rank 14:Imperial Royal Guard:
Appointed only by the Emperor
Rank 15:Emperor:
Only I can have this


1 pt.Any Body
2 pts. Epual rank SWCCGTE member
any member from another group
3 pts.SWCCGTE Member 1 ranks below you
4 pts.SWCCGTE Member at least 2 rank below you
5 pts.SWCCGTE Member at least 1 rank above you
8 pts.Imperial Royal Guard
10 pts.Emperor
To get points just E-mail me. In the subjectline put SWCCGTE points. Than in the email put your name, rank, person trading with, groups they are in, what the trade was.

Registration Form

Please fill out the fields below to register for Star wars CCG Trading Empire. Press the Submit button at the end of the form when done.
Your Name:
E-mail address:
ICQ #:
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You ar trade number to join this fine group


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